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Homelovers Property Management breached my lease contract. They rented the house to me and never divulged one of the Cofounders was the actual owner. Therefore when he tried to do a lease purchase of the home to another person, while I was a tenant, in the middle of my lease. This potential Buyer's agreement with the Owner never came to fruition. Thus, wrongfully having the wrong Owner's name listed on my lease for two terms. And now the real Owner breached his contract with the bank, the home is now in foreclosure and Trustee Sale is set for 10am 7/11/11. When I asked them about the name on my lease they made threats I would be in breach of contract and could result in eviction if I didn't pay Homelovers.

Also in my contract from 2009 through current my lease indicates all work orders listed in the contract must be completed, in order for the Tenant (me) to agree to another one year lease. Homelovers agreed and listed a work order in the contract which included installing 400 sq ft of grass, with curbing in the back yard. After several attempts to have them comply, the work was not started or completed.

Now due to the foreclosure, I'm faced with moving costs, and experiencing complete financial hardship. I had to withdraw my 401K under a hardship program to remove my funds to pay for the move. Also causing me to pay a 10% early retirement withdrawl, and pay state and Federal taxes associated for withdrawing.

I took time off work to get counseling from the Attorney General's office to understand my rights. I've filed a complaint with my District Congressman Mr. Flake, filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office, Commissionier of Realtors office.

Homelovers is also trying to tell me they are going to hold my deposit and give it to the new Buyer or Bank. I did my home work and called and went to the following offices: Executive Trustee Services representing the Bank, Attrney General's office, First Security title/Foreclosure dept and all of them said they will never hold, transfer, collect any monies on behalf of a Tenant or Owner who is in breach of his mortgage payments. The AZ law states, the Owner and or Property Manager must return the Tenants deposit in full due to the Owner is in complete breach of contract with the Bank to not pay the mortgage. But he/they continued to hassle me and pay rent under a breached contract.

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Homelovers - Wellsfargo dealers services in Arizona

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Customer Service at this company are the worst people on the planet!!

Wellsfargo should be ashamed of themselves for running a business like they do. In 5 years there's only one person that ever treated me like a human being. And since it was her last day on the job, she felt the need to tell me she was leaving the company because she couldn't stand working with such unethical monsters. They're condesending, rude, and know their own employer doesn't care less how they treat the customer as long as they get the money!!

If given the choice again to enter into a contract agreement with any Wellsfargo company, I would rather eat gunpowder!

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